10 Best Wireless Workout Headphones and Earbuds in 2021

Before getting into a discussion about the best headphones and earbuds, you need to know the important factors that are to be considered while choosing a workout headset or earbud.

Now, you may ask if there is any difference between a headphone and an earbud. Yes, they are different. Headphones are those devices that are bulky with comparatively larger speakers that are connected to a headband and these speakers rest over-ear.  On the other hand, an earbud is also known as an earphone is comparatively small and they are practicallyinserted into our ear canals. Both of these types have their own pros and cons. So, always remember it’s your choice.

Headphones or earphones are an essential accessory for an individual when it comes to workout. Not every headphones and earbuds are workout friendly, with rising demand for more stable and quality devices manufacturers have started to flood the market with specially designed workout headphones and earbud. However, this being told certain ordinary designed headphones and earphones are also compatible with a workout.  Now, without wasting time let us discuss the features that the best wireless headphone or earbud should have.

  1. Stable Fit:

You know the fact that workout means your body will have some intense movements which would result in the hearing device falling off. If you purchase a wrong device, you would be annoyed by frequently adjusting your device so that it stays in place. So, it is very important that you should choose a device that is specially designed to perfectly fit over-ear or in-ear canal without falling off.

  1. Waterproof/Sweatproof:

You sweat frequently while working out, and this sweat can enter your device and your device could malfunction. So, always be careful to check the specifications and make sure that the device you purchase has a water protection rating. Water protection rating of a hearing device is denoted by Ingress protection (IP) accompanied by two numbers. The 2nd number denotes the ability of protection from water and has 0-8 range.

If you are planning to purchase waterproof headphones for workout or sports always buy the devices with highest water protection rating (range 5-8, the 2nd number after IP).

  1. Durability:

Like mentioned above, workouts can mean a frequent and intense movement of a body and there are higher chances that your device hits or bumps on something hard and breaking. This means that workout designed hearing devices like headphones and earbuds should be strong enough to take any hit. So, always be careful to choose a device with the best building material and the manufacturers that guarantee their products to be durable.

  1. Sound Quality:

We use headphones and earbuds for listening to music, do not forget to check the sound quality of the devices you purchase. Not all products offer every features decently some of them might have good stability and durability but lacks sound quality, or they might have other features, but poor sound quality. Such devices are waste of money, so, always be careful to check the sound quality specifications and there are many devices with all the decent features and we will discuss the best in this article.

  1. Active Noise-Cancellation:

The workout environment can vary with the type of workout you do, if you are at a gym or out on a road for a morning walk or evening walk, or in a silent room, there are chances that you could be disturbed with unwanted outside noises or others would be disturbed with the noise from your hearing device. So, it is very important that you choose a device that has both noise-isolation and active noise-cancelling feature.

  1. Battery Life:

Today, every audiophile is switching from wired device to wireless Bluetooth device. Both wired and wireless headphones and earbuds have their pros and cons. If you are purchasing a wireless headphone or earbud always check the battery life offered by the device. Check the specification and opt the devices with the highest battery life so that you can enjoy undisrupted music.

Above mentioned factors are vital for the best wireless headphone and earbud. But there are certain facts you should be aware of headphone and earbud

  • Headphones are bulky, earbuds are comparatively small.
  • Headphones have excellent sound quality, especially bass and other features. It would be unwise to compare headphone sound quality with earbud sound quality because headphone has a bigger speaker which is very crucial in exhibiting quality sound. Ps: this does not mean that earbuds are inferior, however, earbuds have their own pros.
  • Wearing a headphone for a long time can irritate you, because of the headband and the speaker that rest on your ears. On the other hand, earbuds can fall off from your ear which can be annoying.

Now, it can be confusing to select a headphone or an earbud with considering each of the above-mentioned factors, so, do not worry, and below are the list of devices that are the best wireless workout headphone and earbud on the market right now.

1. Monster iSport Freedom Headphone:

 Monster iSport Freedom Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones - Green

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The Monster iSport Freedom headphones are one of the best specially designed wireless workout hearing device on the market right now. This device is a combination of good sound quality, waterproof, and durability.

Of the entire wireless workout headphone on the market today, this device is one of the best and can be a good choice for anyone who needs good sound quality and durability. The Monster iSport Freedom headphone is a lightweight model that can stay on your head for a long time without falling off. The rubbery cushions on the headphone make sure that the device sticks to your skin; therefore, preventing it from falling off and also provides noise-isolation seal.

The active noise-cancellation feature in this device is pretty impressive, but, cannot be compared with the best ANC headphones. However, if you are wearing this device at your gym, it does the job perfectly and you can feel the difference.

When it comes to durability, you don’t have to worry about this device; it is designed to survive harsh conditions which include accidental drops. However, the device is made of a combination of high-quality plastic and rubber. The whole device is foldable and flexible. To be frank, worth the money you pay.

Even though the device is made up of plastic and rubber it has lightweight. Comparatively wearing this device is comfortable. This device is Sweatproof; however, the water protection rating is unavailable.

The Monster iSport Freedom headphones have easy-access control buttons incorporated into their headphone earpiece housing. The controls are easily accessible and controlling the volume and changing songs with these controls will become a habit. When it comes to Bluetooth and battery life, both of them perform very well and are above average. Battery lifetime is about 20 hours and Bluetooth connectivity range 25-30ft approx.

As I have mentioned earlier in this post, headphones are well known for its sound quality. This device is no different; the sound quality in this device is a perfect combination of mids, bass, and treble and is best for the gym environment.


  • Longer battery life
  • Good sound quality
  • Foldable design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sweatproof design


  • Expensive


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2. Bose SoundSport:

 Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, Black

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The Bose SoundSport Wireless is one of the best workout earbuds on the market right now. This device has decent overall features that include quality sound, stability, durability, and Sweatproof. It also has an inbuilt heart-rate monitor.

This device also has noise-isolation and the ear tips are designed for this feature and it also has winged ear tips that help the device fit perfectly in your ear canal. The earbud does not go deep into the ear canal; they are shallow and rest on the outskirts of the ear. Apart from all the other features, this device offers the best comfort. You would not even feel the device when worn on your ears and its best for prolonged use. If the comfort does not satisfy you, the manufacturer offers gym earbuds that can be used to replace the original ear tips.

When it comes to durability this device is made of good grade plastic and can be rated above average. The Bose SoundSport Wireless earbud are totally Sweatproof and waterproof. The wires are thick and flexible and they don’t have a weak point.

The inline remote and microphones are one of the best-added features in this device. The inline remote has volume controls, song selection buttons, and also call accept and end buttons. These buttons are pretty big and easy to use.  The microphones are of good quality and can make clear phone conversation.

The Bluetooth connectivity range is pretty good and has a 30ft range. The Bluetooth connection does not get terminated in between, like other models. However, expect a distortion if you have a wall or obstacle between the phone and the earbud. The device also has a lithium-ion battery that has 6-hour battery life and can be recharged to full charge within 2 hours.

When the sound quality considered, you can definitely expect the Bose sound quality in this device too. It is bassy and an audiophile might not like it.  But, the quality of sound is pretty impressive on this device.


  • Waterproof
  • Stable Fit
  • Bose sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Impressive control buttons


  • Even though this is an earbud, it looks bulky
  • Lacks noise-canceling

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3. Beats Solo 3:

 Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Black

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The Beats Solo 3 wireless is yet another best workout headphone on the market right now. The Solo 3 has an overall sound profile and it’s a known fact that Beats does well with the sound quality and has special attention to quality bass.

This device has a pretty impressive battery and Bluetooth connectivity. The battery life is approximately 40 hours and a 5-minute charge can provide two hours of playback time. The standby power mode keeps the battery from draining too fast.  When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity range, this device would stay connected to the phone even if it’s 40+ feet far. The connectivity range is actually 50ft, which makes the connectivity pretty much reliable

The overall design is very impressive; the colour variants available in the market are pretty attractive with the logo. The manufacturer has seen to the fact that the device is not shiny and has kept it low as possible. The device is built with good quality plastic, and the overall build quality is solid. The padded and reinforced headband is sturdy and durable and can take any hit without breaking.

Even though this device is a headphone, it does not feel bulky. The fit is stable and secure and does not fall off. The earpieces are made of soft leather and they rest on the ears without much pressure. These earpieces also create a seal between ear and speaker making the device noise-isolated. Beats also provided a soft padding inside the earpiece cups that adds an extra comfort.

This easy-access controls of this device are placed on the earpiece, the pairing, volume controls, song selection buttons are all included. The left ear cup has the volume controls, song selection, as well as pairing buttons and the right ear cup has a fuel gauge that indicates battery charge left in the device.

The Beats Solo3 headphone has very good sound quality and especially the quality of the bass is very impressive. Vocal clarity is good and makes you feel the difference if you compare with other headphones. To be frank, beats have nailed the sound quality in this device.


  • Strong bass
  • Extended battery life
  • High Bluetooth connectivity range
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent wireless sound quality


  • Not flexible
  • Ear cups can get warm after long use.

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4. JayBird X3:

 Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android - Blackout Buy From Amazon

The JayBird X3 is one of the best earbuds in the market right now. It’s a combination of superior sound quality and comfort. This device can be compared with Bose SoundSport but, not superior to Bose because of their weak points in durability. This doesn’t mean that the device is a waste of money, what it lacks in durability can be neglected because they have superior comfort and comfort. Frankly, the 2nd best wireless workout earbud.

JayBird X3 is a lightweight device that focuses on comfort; it is compact in size and could fit under a helmet. The ear tips are made of premium silicone memory foams that avoid any time of irritation after prolonged use. The ear tips fit perfectly in our ear canal and they also have a wing that adds an extra stability to the device. The manufacturer has also added cloth and clothing clips to help you manage the cable.

The JayBird X3 has a Hydrophobic Nano coating that provides a waterproof seal to the device. The compact and perfect fight feature allows the device to resist moisture. It also has an inbuilt microphone and control buttons incorporated into it. One of the unique features provided by this device is that they read out and notify the user of its battery life. Charging the device could be tricky, the charging adapter has a clip that has to be attached to the inline control box for perfect fit, if you lose the charging clip the device cannot be charged and this is practically a huge drawback.

The device has 8 hours battery life and can attain full charge in 2 hours recharging. The Bluetooth connectivity range is up to 33ft. The Bluetooth performs well and does not disrupt in between like other normal earbuds. When the sound quality is considered this product produces one of the best sound quality. The mids and high matches the powerful bass and does not annoy the user. The manufacturer also provides an app that helps you adjust the sound quality to even better level. The custom pre-sets on this app can make the quality strong.


  • Superior sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect fit
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Premium silicone ear tips
  • App that let you choose your audio setting
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Noise isolation ear tips


  • Charging is a bit tricky
  • Customer service is slow
  • Microphone and control buttons are behind ears, this reduces their efficiency.

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5. Bose QC35:

 Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Black

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This one of the best wireless workout headphone with best ANC. Bose has a reputation for manufacturing the best ANC units and this product is no different.

This Bose product is the latest version of QuietComfort 25 and has many new and updated features. There are two variants available for this device, series 1 and series 2. The major difference between two series is that series 2 is expensive and are compatible to run Google assistant. So, if are planning to use Google assistant buy series 2.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no doubt that Bose ANC is extraordinary and they have the best hardware and software. You can actually feel the difference once if you switch on the ANC feature. This device is quite efficient in cancelling out the engine sounds and other middle range tones. The ANC unit is powered with a battery that can run up to 20 hours on Bluetooth and 40 hours if connected through a wire, yes, this device has an option to connect wires and use it as wired headphones. Noise-isolation is not that good but can be rated as average.

When durability of this device is considered, the device is made of high-grade plastic. The device can practically survive accidental falls. But, the manufacturer does not guarantee against a very harsh environment. The device is designed very well and makes you feel premium.

Bose pays more attention in making the devices more comfortable; even though this device seems to be bulky and sturdy the clamping isn’t that tight. This makes the device comfortable to wear for hours without any strain or irritation. You actually forget that you have this device worn on your head, that’s how cool it is.

The device comes with a Bluetooth v4.1 unit that has connectivity range up to 50ft and can be connected to an iOS or Android device without any hassle. The connection gets disrupted very rarely when compared to other devices of this segment. The Bose QC35 has built-in control buttons on the ear cups. The buttons are comparatively bigger than other models and prove to be easy to use.

The integrated dual microphones help in ANC and also attending the calls, it provides an average sound quality of conversation over calls. The sound quality offered by this device is really impressive; you can expect the well-known Bose sound quality which has rich and dynamic tones. The bass tones are a bit richer than other models and Bose has done pretty much good work on that feature. The highs and mids are rich that gives you unmatchable music experience.

Overall this device is better than the average device and some of the features can be compared with the high-quality audiophile devices.


  • Best ANC unit
  • Good comfort
  • Premium feel and fit
  • Good sound quality
  • extended battery life
  • impressive durability


  • Expensive
  • The device seems to be bulky

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6. Plantronics BackBeat Fit:

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones - Blue

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This device is one of the popular on workout earbuds on the market right now. And yes it is one among the best wireless earbud too

This device offers a combination of stability, comfort, and great durability. The size of the device is neither big or small, can be rated as medium size. And it looks attractive though.

This model earbuds have to worn behind the neck, but the device is comfortable and doesn’t make you feel it. This device can be used while doing intense workouts. To be frank, this is device is actually the one with all the features and the highest stability. The lightweight device will make you even forget that the device is worn around your neck. The eartips are made of soft foam and do not irritate the skin. Even though the there is a neck band around your neck, it does not touch your skin. The manufacturer has designed the device in such a way that the neckband does not touch your skin and irritated you, therefore, they are moisture resistant too.

The entire device is made with a combination of rubber and plastic and is flexible to an extent. The device also has an IPX7 rating which makes the device extremely waterproof. The Plantronics BackBeat Fit does not have any weak points and can be used for years without any concerns.

This device also has control buttons on the headband on both sides. The buttons let you control volume, songs, and even Bluetooth pairing. The controls are placed in an unusual position and might need some time to get used to it. But the buttons are sensitive and produces a good response.

The Bluetooth connectivity ranges up to 30ft and can be paired with any devices. They also come in with software that notifies you of firmware updates and battery life. The device can run for 6-8 hours on a full charge. When the sound quality is considered the can be rated average. The sound quality is comparatively low and the volume levels are comparatively high.


  • Stable Fit
  • Impressive battery life
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • IPX7 rating
  • Attractive looks


  • Average sound quality

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7. 66 Audio BTS+

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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The 66 Audio BTS + is one of the best affordable headphones on the market right now. The device has all features incorporated into it at a reasonable price

This device is worn behind the neck and the earpiece is hooked to the ears. Now, you know why the device is stable and can be used for any workouts. While other headphones might have stability issues, this device is different.  The earpieces are cushioned well, but cannot be worn for prolonged hours because there is a slight push on ears and you can feel uncomfortable after hours.

66 Audio BTS+ is made out of durable plastics and are guaranteed to survive any harsh environments. However, the device is not Sweatproof or waterproof. But, since it is an on-ear model its unlikely to malfunction due to water and sweat. This device comes with on-board controls and microphone that allow you to make calls and to control the function with these control buttons. The call quality is impressive and the ANC unit works fine

The ANC unit in these devices is worth the money you pay. However, it cannot be compared with high-end devices.  The v4.0 Bluetooth connectivity ranges up to 20+ ft. and can be paired with almost all the Operating systems and music players. One of the best features in this budget headphone is its battery life; the device has a battery life of 25+ hours and can be charged in 3 hours.

The sound quality is average and worth the price we pay. Yes, do not expect any miracles in the sound quality.


  • Good quality sound
  • Stable and comfort fit
  • Impressive battery life
  • Reasonable price
  • Good ANC feature


  • The size might not suit some people.


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8. VAVA Moov 28:

Bluetooth Headphones, VAVA MOOV 28 Wireless Sports Earphones in Ear Earbuds

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VavaMoov 28 is one of the latest wireless workout earbuds on the market right now. This product is one of the best budget models available for a workout.

The earpieces in these earbuds are bulky but are lightweight. This bulky size is due to the battery size and the better battery life this device provides. The fit is very stable and it has a wing that adds more stability to this device. The earpiece fits perfectly and provides noise-isolation and the earpiece does not fall off.

The durability of this device would actually surprise anyone; the device is made of aluminium and has magnets in the end. The cables are rubberized and flat and do not have any weak points. The inline control buttons are well made but, need to supply good pressure to get a response. VavaMoov 28 has an IPX5 rating which means the device is Sweatproof and can be used at workout conditions.

One of the best features is that it has a Bluetooth v4.1 unit that works well and does not get disrupted under normal circumstances. As mentioned in the beginning the device has a quite reasonable battery life of 8+ hours and can be charged in 2 hours through a micro-USB.

Even though the device comes with a cheap price tag, the sound quality is pretty impressive and can be rated average which is very attractive for the price you pay. Of course, theycan’t be compared with other models. The highs are decent and a bit sibilant at higher volumes.

If you are looking for a device that you can use for workouts and has a budget price, this device is the best choice.


  • Cheap price
  • Durable design
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable fit


  • Cannot be compared with higher models


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9. FIIL Diva Pro:

FIIL Diva Pro Wireless Noise Canceling Panoramic Intelligent Headphones

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This device is one of the most innovative and attractive designed headphones. It has all the best features required for a headphone which includes stability, comfort, durability, and high efficient ANC

The built quality is pretty good; you can feel the quality when you have the device in your hand. The premium headphone is made of plastic and the foldable joints are made of durable plastic and hinges are made of metal. The wires are rubber coated and can withstand any harsh conditions.

This device also comes with an App that helps you to keep in check the battery life and also allows you to choose custom sound modes. The device also has 3D sound features that can be switched on/off as per our requirement.

When it comes to sound quality, the manufacturer has done a pretty good job, the sound quality is superb and can be compared to any headphone. The midrange tones clarity is impressive and the bass is strong and deep.

The device provides 30 hours of battery life and can be recharged within 3-4 hours through a micro-USB. The stability is quite very good. The device stays at the place without falling off during intense workouts. One of the best features is that it has a 4 mode ANC which works with the help of two microphones placed on the two earpieces. And yet another unique feature is intelligent sensing feature that switches on/offs the device when you put on or take off the device.

The easy-access buttons on this device are touch sensitive and are placed on the earpiece, all you have to do is swipe the earpiece according to your requirement.


  • All in one model
  • Best quality ANC
  • Intelligent sensing that turns on/off the device when you put it on or take off.


  • Expensive


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10.   Phaiser BHS-730:

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones Headset Sport Earphones with Mic

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This is the best wireless workout earbud with a budget price. Phaiser is well known for manufacturing quality products at an affordable price. This device has many average features and is some of them are quite surprising for the price you pay.

The ear tips are well designed to stay in your ear canal for a prolonged time without irritation. Like all the other earbud models mentioned above, this device also has wings that add more stability to the earbud. The perfectly fit earpiece also forms a seal between the ear and the device making it noise-isolated. The ear tips are made of good quality silicone gel and can be replaced with premium comfy foam ear tips.

The whole device is made of aluminium and the cables are stress resistant and are made of rubber. This actually is a surprising feature for the price we pay. The device actually has an IPX rating but, the manufacturer has not disclosed the rating rather has offered lifetime sweat guarantee

The Phaiser BHS-730 has a 3 button easy-access control button that allows you to control calls, songs, and volume. The inbuilt microphone works well and is placed on the in-line remote. This device also has a Bluetooth v4.1 and has a connectivity range up to 33ft. The battery life in this device is not that impressive and only offers 5 hours playtime.

Even though this device is a budget model, the sound quality is not that bad. But, the bass and other features entirely depend on how tight the fit you get. The better the fit, the deeper the bass is.


  • Cheap price
  • Sweatproof and lifetime guaranteed
  • Reasonable sound quality and built quality


  • Low battery life


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The above-mentioned devices are best in its class. Always be careful to read the specification before purchasing a product. Before you purchase a product, always understand your requirements and then select the type. I have mentioned about the pros and cons of a headphone and an earbud. Hope this article would help you

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